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Uganda Association Munich-UGAM e.V

UGAM uses a comprehensive approach to help achieve more for those in need, and to use our resources in an efficient and sustainable way. In every project we aim to:

  • Transform, improve and verify solutions to the problems those in need face
  • achieve measurable results by broadening effective and sustainable approaches
  • promote better practices and policies to improve the livelihoods of those in need
  • build partnerships with communities, associations, governments, civil society and private sector organisations – to influence others and increase our impact.

  • What we do? See Our Works

    Hygienic water

    The project will serve to improve available water sources and construct new shallow wells in the most vulnerable areas of Kyangwali Sub-county, Hoima District.


    Action for Refugees


    There are more than 60 million people displaced by conflict, persecution, war and climate catastrophes around the world. Displaced people are the most vulnerable, especially when international community response to these crises is minimal.


    Raising Orphans

    Despite the extreme difficulties experienced by the entire Ugam Orphan Home family , we are finally settled and going about the business of raising the Ugam family of orphan children and youth. We are so grateful to be established in our private Orphan Home complex in the small, peaceful village of Masindi Town, Uganda. Our children are all enrolled in the local schools, are mentored by exceptional staff and volunteers, are learning to become independent, and best of all… are healthy and happy!


    Ugam Homestead

    Ugam Homestead will provide the physical and social infrastructure to link East African orphan children with adoptive families from around the world. In development on ten acres of beautiful beach-front property, this self-sustaining campus will care for up to 80 orphans, plus staff, volunteers, and families going through the adoption process. Learn more about this exciting project and how you can help!


    Help a child in Africa

    We were so excited to see that our donation made an direct and profound impact on the lives of so many.

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    We are Real. Meet the Team

    Michael Lwanga
    Ugam chairman
    Sabine Schomburg
    Ugam Voluntary Advisor
    Dr. Manuel Luepold
    Ugam Voluntary Advisor
    Lillian Ikulumet
    Ugam Secretary
    Claudia Olwa
    Ugam Vice Chairperson
    Stefanie Langhammer
    Ugam marketing coordinator
    Mareen Keller
    Ugam volunteer coordinator
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