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Empowering choice

We continuously not only campaign to improve services and raise awareness but also empower and support anyone undergoing Political instability problems.

Desires and advocation

Our focus is to advocate on behalf of the people in need. We represent our values, authority, trustworthiness and credibility and we have created a visionary strategy to achieve our goals.

Removing inequality of opportunity:

We hope to remove inequality and gain equality of treatment for people who experience both mental health and other forms of discrimination.

A multicultural training service

We’ve focused exclusively on the implementation of cross-cultural Volunteer trainings and coachings. We place particularly high value on the individual adaptation of the content and an interactive seminar design. Furthermore, the employed trainers have many years of work experience abroad!

Improving services and support:

In order to improve services and support UGAM ensures that people get the right service and support at the right time to enable them live with their mental problems.

A counselling service

A. To provide counselling and support in a discrete way, to those mostly suffering from mental distress.
B. To enable such persons to receive help compassion and support and assist and counsel them, at their discretion, to decide on their appropriate way forward.
C. To educate and inform the general people on the disabled and or mentally affected people’s rights
D. To educate and inform the public in general of the rights of …… and to highlight to the public when those rights are violated in any way.
E. To encourage the government to provide legal support to free of charge in every case.

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Our Work

UGAM focuses on health, education, food, protection and economic security activities and how this initiatives can be integrated. i.e. protecting children will crosscut in all programs, while the HIV/AIDS, orphaned and vulnerable children’s activities will be tied with food security and economic opportunities. On the other hand we are expanding education initiatives, so that more children can attend and remain in schools.


In order to help children from early childhood to early adulthood, UGAM has designed a primary schools sponsorship program for children. This programs are targeted to make a healthy and safe environment for kids to learn and grow. The program is designed with strong curriculums and passionate teachers to help transform students into lifelong learners. Our school health care program also helps keep the children healthy and well-nourished in school. Thanks to the generous support from our community of sponsors.

Provide Knowledge

We build schools in Villages that have previously had no adequate schools structure, or where students are squeezed in collapsing class structures, or where students are taught under tress only when the weather permits and or have to walk miles to attend schools.

Girls Education

UGAM’s approach is that schools are built with the community partners rather than for the community. This involves the locals as partners and recipients of aid. And once the school is complete, staff monitor and evaluated the success of the project. And if all aspects have been fulfilled a second school construction project takes off.

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