Step 1

Choose a volunteer project

Interested in volunteering with us, we will be glad to have you as a volunteer. Take your time to peruse through our ongoing projects on the projects page. Then choose a project that you would like to volunteer in and indicate it in the Volunteer registration form.

Step 2

Volunteer duration

Depending on how much time you can volunteer, we provide possibilities suitable for your volunteering periods. Weather its long or short term durations.

Step 3


Applications must be made using the on-line application form available on this site. If anything goes wrong whilst applying, please write to us at with details. On completion, applications are sent first to the Volunteer Co-ordinator for initial assessment.

Step 4


After the assessment process, we will mail you your volunteer confirmation and other steps you should follow to ensure that you reach your volunteer project base safely. We will connect you with your project through feedback reports, case studies, photos and videos.


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