Clean drinking water

06 feb, 2018 Clean drinking water
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Challenge. . children and women in most rural communities in Uganda bear the daily burden of spending at least up to four hours a day to and from home searching for water. Once they find the water, most often it is unsafe for drinking or cleaning. For most families the water may not even last a day before they embark on the water searching journey again.


Through your support, UGAM will drill wells in remote areas in the country. Which will provide safe, clean water for for the villagers in the specific project areas. Thereby reducing in time of carrying water from distant wells.
This will in then increase children's school attendance and access to education since they are the most affected by water crisis.

Project Focus

  • Drill boreholes in the needy project areas to provide, clean water supply.
  • Building and improving natural water wells, to provide a continuous flow of water in order to avoid stagnation of water that may cause diseases.
  • Construction of deep water wells, which maybe fifty or more feet deep and are used when ground water is generally abundant.
  • Construction of swallow wells, with concrete base formed around the small casing. Because these new wells are completely sealed, the water stays clean and can be consumed without any treatment.

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We believe that one of the greatest differences we can make in Africa is providing sustainable access to clean water. Why water? Because there is a lack of clean water in most rural villages in Africa hence water-borne and water-based diseases are a primary cause of preventable illness and premature deaths in Uganda. Children are particularly the most exposed and affected ones.

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